Custom Tin Signs – US Manufacturer of Metal Signs

Independent Can Company manufactures rectangular and round tin signs.  Custom Tin Signs are highly collectible and adorn many homes and restaurants. They add fun and interest to offices, bars and garages. Metal signs are used as reproductions of old movie posters, clever saying and retro advertisements. During the recession, tin signs were still selling strong.  They are a nostalgic, novelty gift or collectible without a large price tag.  Our products are of high quality and our high-definition printing delivers near-photo quality.

Our rectangular signs are hemmed with holes for hanging. Our round signs and street signs have a rolled edge.  Companies have used metal signs to commemorate milestones or increase the visibility of their brand beyond their packaging.  From John Deere Tractor to Jack Daniels, companies have advertised their brands through willing customers who display them in their gathering places. Would your company benefit from a collectible and lasting advertisement? Contact our product specialist, Sue Hulse, for more information.

Note: The signs below were manufactured for customers.  We do not have a stock program for metal signs.

12-1/2″ x 16″ rectangular signs, hemmed edge, 25/ctn, 2,000 min. order

metal signs


metal tacker signs


8-1/2″ x 16″ rectangular signs, hemmed edge, 25/ctn, 4,000 min. order

nostalgic signs stock decorative tins custom tins

4″ x 18″ curled edge rectangular “street” sign, 50/ctn, 10,000 min. order

collectible signs stock decorative tins custom tins

12-1/2″ x 17-3/8″ rectangular, hemmed edge, 25/ctn, 5,000 min. order

movie poster signs stock decorative tins custom tins

11-3/4 curled edge round, 25/ctn, 3,000 min. order

Coke Sign stock decorative tins custom tins