Supply Chain Control

Supply Chain and Process Control

Raw Materials and Resources

Our strategic purchases of raw materials such as steel, enables us to provide high quality products to our customers without interruption. Our financial stability and reputation make us an attractive customer to steel mills, ink and coating manufactures and other suppliers.  We source globally and forecasting our needs. This protects our customers from market volatility and supply disruption. We have strategically located printing facilities; one on the East Coast and the second in the Midwest. We have more capacity and capability to produce and deliver lithographed tinplate than any company in America.

From Concept to Completion!

prepress webOver the past 90 years, we have removed obstacles to excellence by bringing all processes in house.  In the 1990s, we took the bold step of becoming our own printer and build the first greenfield lithography plant in the US.  Since then, we have added 4 and 6 color state-of-the-art printing lines, energy-efficient, high-speed coating equipment, and the latest pre-press and plate making technology.  We have more capacity, capability and experience than any decorative packaging manufacturer in the country.  Our Vandalia, Ohio facility has expanded our capacity for metal lithography and will house our second 6-color MetalStar 2 printing line.

robotic arms webAutomation

Through automation we have been able to increase efficiency, shorten lead-times and contain costs.  In addition to better performance, we are freeing up our skilled labor to apply their talents to other areas of the operation. Automation minimizes workplace injuries. A safe and fulfilled workforce produces superior results. One of the most important benefits is consistently repeatable quality and availability of product in a competitive marketplace.


For 90 years as a domestic manufacturer of specialty metal packaging, meeting or exceeding customer expectations has been the motivator for our continuous investment, diversification and growth. Continuously improving the manufacturing process is a critical part of being able to support our customers.  This is being accomplished through the latest high-speed, energy-efficient technology in printing and manufacturing.



Throughout all of our processes we measure, test, calibrate and sync our equipment.  Our people are trained and experienced.  The latest technology serves as an extra measure of quality assurance.  We have installed in-line inspection cameras and other testing technology on our coating, printing and can manufacturing equipment.  Our latest investment includes a full-sheet vision inspection system on our 6-color printing line.  It is the first of its kind in the US.  It all begins with great printing!

Safe Quality Food Certification


The use of global food safety and quality standards, such as SQF, have become a driver for the raising of standards for food safety and risk-based preventive control. The Food Safety Modernization Act has been put in place to address the problems of food safety and provides guidelines for best manufacturing practices.  Independent Can believes in superior performance, backed by documentation, and has had food safety as a top priority from the beginning.

Independent Can is committed to the structure, training and measurement required to achieve SQF Certification.

Independent Can Operating SQF Certified Plants

Independent Can is pleased to announce that all of our facilities are SQF certified facility by The Safe Quality Food Institute 

The SQFI verifies that our systems have been properly validated and demonstrate continuous monitoring procedures. SQF is globally recognized by retailers and foodservice providers. SQF benefits extend to our customers that are pursuing their own certification.

SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacture of Food Packaging Certification incorporates all requirements, including Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices as well as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points risk assessment and implementation. SQF Certification is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  It guarantees a higher level of trust and acceptance in our global marketplace.

In 2019, Independent Can has met its goal of SQF Certification for all facilities in which food-contact packaging is manufactured, including our Rosedale, Maryland, Vandalia, Ohio and Fort Madison, IA facility. For decades, Independent Can, through its own best practices, has met the high standards for food-contact packaging including food-safe materials, inks and coatings, as well as safe handling practices.  This Certification will provide us with additional documentation of our efforts for the assurance of our customers.

We have also been audited by many fortune 500 companies as part of their vendor qualification process.