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Stock Decorative Tins, Custom Tins, Coffee and Peanut Cans, Industrial Packaging and More

Independent Can offers custom cookie tins, popcorn tins and stock tins for decorative and industrial applications.  Our selection is the largest in the country, perfect for cookies, candy, gifts, cosmetics, snacks, coffee, tea, promotions and much more. Hermetic industrial tins as well as air-tight cans for coffee and peanuts are part of our broad range of products. Our stock program also includes a full line of seamless tins.

Domestic manufacturing allows responsive lead times, flexibility and control. Our knowledgeable sales staff provides prompt, personal attention backed by years of experience.  We are the experts in printing and manufacturing of stock and custom tins.

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Cookie Tins

We provide decorative cookie tins as well as other custom metal tins to candy, nut and baked goods manufacturers and fillers in the US, Canada, Europe and South America.  We carry sizes from half-pound to five-pound cake sized tins. We use FDA inks, coatings and varnishes.  We are annually audited by the American Institute of Baking.  Independent Can meets the high standards for food-contact packaging.  Learn more.

Popcorn Tins

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Independent Can manufactures the best quality tapered tins in the industry for popcorn tins, snack foods cans and gift baskets. Four large sized tins are available from 1-1/2 gallon to 6-1/2 gallon. We have stock availability in an array of beautiful designs as well as solid colored cans. 3-way dividers are also sold from stock.  Tapered popcorn tins nest for storage and shipment.

Coffee Cans and Peanut Tins

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Decorative tins are the perfect packaging for Coffee, Nuts, Teas and other consumables. They add shelf impact and extend shelf life.  We can custom print with high quality graphics or you can use your brand’s label. Our air-tight, hermetic-sealed tin containers are available with a variety of closures.

Seamless Tins


Seamless are drawn and formed in one operation from tin-plated steel. Our full line of stock, seamless tins are perfect containers for candles, lip balms, mints, powders, teas, herbs and more.  They are great travel tins.

Because they have no seam they are perfect for moist or fine products that may leak out of a side or bottom seam in other types of tin cans.  Our drawn tins are sized to accommodate industry standard labels. We offer stock and custom tin options.

Industrial Tins

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When we say “specialty decorative tins”, the word “specialty” covers much more than just beautiful custom printing.  A tin can be customize with graphics, finishes, perforations, embossing and unique closures.

Our diverse offering includes a number of hermetic, air-tight packaging, with a variety of ends that are seamed on after fulfillment.  These tins are perfect for dry, powdered and semi-moist food and beverages.  We supply many in the coffee, tea, spice and peanut industry. Our closures include easy open ends, pull tabs, plug and ring closures and more.   Our industrial tins include tear strip and EZ open closures.


We have provided an online version of our printed slide chart to make it easy for our customers to view and select from our broad range of current shapes and sizes available from our domestic tooling capabilities.  Learn more.