Embossed Tins

Embossed Tins – Decorative Custom Options

Embossed Tins help your product to stand out in the marketplace! With the eye-catching beauty of reflective tin, with or without custom graphics, embossing can really make metal packaging into a masterpiece.  embossing stock decorative tins custom tins Intricately embossed tins are a metal masterpiece that will likely end up as a collectible.  You only have a few seconds to get noticed in the marketplace.  Embossing will help you stand out from the ordinary.

Nothing  gives a brand or logo that extra “pop” like embossing.  Independent Can offers many styles of embossing with or without high-definition printing.  For a one-time, up-front investment, embossment can be added to the customization of your decorative tin. Once investment has been made in an embossed logo, it can be used on future projects of the same size with new graphics.  It does not add to the ongoing price of the tin.  Major brands had used easily recognizable embossing to give a high-end look to every custom package.  The reflectivity and tactile appeal of metal packaging is greatly enhanced with rounded, beveled or multi-level embossing.

screw cap embossed tin stock decorative tins custom tinsLid embossing is possible from pocket sized seamless tins up to our largest snack tins. Graphics can be built around existing size and placement of the existing embossing pads and used for future promotions.

Independent Can has made advancements in the embossment of the side walls of our specialty tin packaging.  We have successfully automated the process with tooling modifications and utilizing the latest technology.  The perception that intricate, three-dimensional art can only be achieved by overseas manufacturers can be shattered.  Our reduced lead-time will allow you to bring a product to market more quickly and sell more product!