Digital Printing

Digital Printing on Metal

Digitally Printed Cans – Your can, your way!

Independent Can now has the capability of digitally printing decorative tins. Digital printing allows for lower minimums and up-front costs. Customers can have their company name out in the marketplace like the major brands, that will be a lasting advertisement in homes and establishments. Commemorate milestones and launch new products. Test the market! Customers make their choices in seconds, so it is an advantage to have a premium, customized, metal package that stands out from paper and plastic alternatives.


We can print a logo, a design or an entire photograph on the lid or body.  All of the cookie tin sizes, our shapes, quarts, 5S and 8S are available.We have some exciting options coming in our stock program for 2018. In digital printingthe meantime, please contact your sales representative for information and prices.


Digitally printed cans are 100% infinitely recyclable. Imagine, a short run product that does not take part in the disposable economy!  Learn more.

Advantages of Digital:

  • Speed to market
  • Low inventory
  • Minimal up-front cost


Digital printing differs from silk screening because the entire surface of the lid or can body can be printed with the design, color or image. It also has protective over-varnish. Independent Can offers both gloss and textured varnish. Although lithography produces more definition, we have been able to achieve the same vibrant, contemporary colors with our digital equipment. To the left is our stock Flower Blossom tin print digitally and with offset lithography on the right.