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You only have a few seconds.  Does your packaging give your brand distinction?

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Specialty metal packaging, with striking graphics, adds value to your product and demands attention. It becomes a collectible part of a gift and requires no external packaging.  If shelf-appeal and shelf-stability are important to you, consider tin! Stand out with custom embossing, registered to high-definition graphics. Steel is 100%, infinitely recyclable.

Custom Tins for Promotions, Anniversaries and Shelf Appeal


 Custom Tins and Specialty Decorative Metal Packaging – Unlimited Options 

Seconds count when it comes to catching the eye of the consumer. Tin packaging with vibrant graphics, reflectivity or embossing is specialty2hard to pass by.  The superior look and feel of custom tins give the impression of quality.  The collectability helps to sell the product inside and provides a lasting advertisement.

Custom decorative tins are a great way to stand out in the marketplace. Custom specialty metal packaging has a look and feel that is not only pleasing but adds perceived value.  Decorative tins also boost brand image and exposure, and serve as a lasting advertisement through reuse. Collectible anniversary tins promote your brand long after the original purchase. Gift tins are often displayed in homes and businesses.

All Processes Under One Roof Insures Quality and Timing of a Custom Promotional Tin Project!

Independent Can offers product focus and process control. Our favorable lead times and low minimums make it possible to provide custom promotional packaging that meets your deadline and your expectations. Having all services in-house from artwork processing, award winning metal lithography and can manufacturing allows us to control the timing and quality of your custom packaging from start to finish.

Lead time     4 – 6 weeks from approved art


Round cans 5,000 -10,000, shape cans 15-25,000

Larger Popcorn Tins – 3000 for 3-1/2 gal, 2000 for 6-1/2 gal.

Quality and Safety:

We are SQFI Certified (Safe Quality Food Institute).  For more information visit our SQF information page.

In addition to offering custom tins in a wide range of standard, market tested, shapes and sizes we can add uniqueness and value in countless ways.

  • Engineer an entirely new shape or size tin
  • Change the height of a custom tin of an existing shape or diameter
  • Print with exceptional quality custom graphics
  • Emboss or deboss a logo or graphic on the lid or body
  • Specialty varnishes
  • Unique metal closures including combination materials


In addition to custom graphics, embossment and even perforation, we offer specialty finishes and closures.  Embossed Tins get attention. Gloss, matte, textured and crystalline varnishes top off high definition graphics with added flair.  Spot varnish can draw attention to selected areas of a logo or design, giving it an up-scale look.  Custom graphics can be used to accent single or multi-level embossing.

Unique custom closures can cap a tin container with a decorative touch that adds to the collectability of the package.  Decorative metal snap lids can be used as closures for hermetically sealed coffee and peanut cans after the container is opened.  In addition to collectability, tin packaging is the most sustainable choice.


stock decorative tins custom tins
custom tins embossing stock decorative tins custom tins
custom tins reflectivity stock decorative tins custom tins


Special Effects

Our custom printing capabilities produce eye appealing images and graphics that may also be enhanced. Specialty varnishes including textured, gloss, matte and crystalline can be added, either as a spot or overall finish, to achieve even more impact and interest.

The reflective beauty of custom tin packaging can be made to show through transparent inks and coatings.  Since foils and laminates are not needed, tins are superior sustainable packages. Embossing a logo or design can produce a distinctive high-end look with or without printed graphics for more appeal.

No matter what the desired effect, our experienced personnel stand ready to guide our customers through their many options for customization. Utilize our online size reference chart to select from the varieties of shapes and sizes available from our existing tooling. If you don’t see the exact size or shape that you are looking for please contact us.