Custom Seamless Tins

Custom Seamless Tins – Leak-proof Drawn Tins

xelaaromaOne thing that all of our customers have in common is the desire to sell more of their product.  Custom printed tins give brands an edge over the competition.  The high-end, value-added, shelf-appeal of a collectible tin catches the eye and serves as a lasting advertisement for the original product.  Custom Seamless Tins have the added advantage of being small enough for point of purchase, impulse sales in kiosks and near the registers.badger

Custom printed tins can be achieved in a variety of ways.  Short-run customization can be done with silk-screening or digital printing but there is no quality comparison to what can be achieve with custom metal lithography. Metal lithography has a superior look and feel.  Metal lithography also allows for transparent inks and precise registration with embossing.