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Packaging that Sells Product – choose custom printed tins for your brand

Seconds count when it comes to catching the eye of the consumer. Tin packaging with vibrant graphics, reflectivity or embossing is hard to pass by.  The superior look and feel of custom printed tins give the impression of quality.  The collectability helps to sell the product inside and provides a lasting advertisement.

Independent Can is the supplier of choice for custom printed tins.  Many national and international companies trust us with their brand’s image.  We have experts to walk customers through the steps and eliminate the guess-work.  With all processes under one roof, we can promise the highest quality with all of the special effects for maximum shelf appeal. Custom Printed Tins stock decorative tins custom tins

Special Features

In addition to custom graphics, embossment and even perforation, we offer specialty finishes and closures.  Gloss, matte, textured and crystalline varnishes top off high definition graphics with added flair.  Spot varnish can draw attention to selected areas of a logo or design, giving it an up-scale look.  Custom graphics can be used to accent single or multi-level embossing.

Unique custom closures can cap a tin container with a decorative touch that adds to the collectability of the package.  Decorative metal snap lids can be used as closures for hermetically sealed coffee and peanut cans after the container is opened.  In addition to collectibability, tin packaging is the most sustainable choice.

promotional tins mccormick stock decorative tins custom tinsBrand Extension

Adding a specialty tin package to your existing line of products as an anniversary or limited edition package can elevate a brand in the marketplace.  An embossed or custom printed specialty metal cap, end or plug can also extend the brand image with a high-end look on plastic, glass and composite packaging.




Lead time     4 – 6 weeks from approved art


Round cans 5,000 -10,000, shape cans 15-25,000

Larger Popcorn Tins – 3000 for 3-1/2 gal, 2000 for 6-1/2 gal.


Custom Printed Tins
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