Cosmetic Tins

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Decorative Cosmetic Tins for Gifts and Promotions

Choose Tin Packaging for Cosmetics, Health and Beauty

Cosmetic tins are the package of choice for high-end gifts and promotions. This value-added container brings a higher price point and serves as a lasting advertisement.  The stunning reflectivity of cosmetic tinsbright tin, made to show through transparent inks and coatings as well as custom features such as embossing and special finishes, give metal packaging the “wow” factor.  Our award-winning lithography and world-class manufacturing bring an incomparable package to market. As you can see, major brands trust Independent Can as the manufacturer of cosmetic tins to promote their image and products.  Elizabeth Arden ads value to its line of Curve fragrances with fragrance and cosmetic tin packaging.

Seamless cans are great as cosmetics tins and for lip balm, candles, powders and other dry and semi-moist products.  Our screw-top and plug-ring tins stay closed in your pocket.

kicks webHave a beautiful product?  Put it in tin packaging with a window lids.  Our seamless tins and several of our round decorative tins include this feature.

Tin packaging for candles are available with “feet” on the bottom to protect table tops (custom option).  Shallow drawn tins make great travel candles.  They also feature debossed areas for standard sized labels. Tin packaging recycles forever without loss of quality. Other packaging can only claim an extended life cycle. Learn more about how we value sustainability.

Independent Can also makes a variety of special closures from screw top to plastic ring gaskets.  We also feature metal plugs, caps and other closures that can be used with composite packaging.

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For Larger Gift Baskets of Health and Beauty Products

Tin gift baskets are possible with our decorative pails. Perfumes, creams, lotions and accessories fit perfectly into our fancy shaped tins. Our larger decorative tins are great for gift sets and can be reused for storage.  Perfume and cosmetic combinations are holiday gift-giving hits. Decorate tin pails make great gift baskets for health and beauty packaging. The decorative metal container is part of the gift and serves as a lasting advertisement for the original products.

We have the largest stock tin program in the country and are known for our top quality custom printed tins.  Browse our online catalog to view our full line of tin packaging.

There are countless ways to customize your promotional package.  Bright tin provides reflectivity without foil, providing for a metallic look in any color without the loss of recyclablity. Embossing on the lid or body can really make your package stand out.  Learn more about custom tin options.