Hermetically Sealed Coffee Cans

Hermetic coffee cans are unrivaled in shelf stability due to the hermetic seal that protects the coffee from air, light, moisture, and outside contaminants. We have a few end options available including EZO Ends, Peel Off Ends, Peel Off with Valve Ends, and decorative metal snap covers. The snap covers can be custom printed and embossed.

We understand your need for a well designed, air-tight coffee package that makes no excuses when it comes to sustainability. It’s a major advantage that metal packaging is infinitely recyclable. Steel is unique in that it can be recycled over and over again without degradation of quality. It embodies a circular economy as it goes from steelmaking to manufacturing to consumer to post-consumer recycling. Once the can is recycled, it can become any number of things: part of a bridge, a support beam, a bike, a travel mug, a playground, another coffee can, etc. When metal products are thrown away, they are retrieved from landfill waste by magnet and then properly recycled. For these reasons, the world recycling rate of steel has consistently ranged from 70-90% every year. It is the #1 most recycled material- more than aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic combined!

steel circular economy

High-strength steels have led to a 25 to 40% weight reduction over the past three decades, with corresponding decreases in emissions and energy use. Since 1900, the global steel industry has recycled over 24 billion tons of steel. This has reduced iron ore consumption by around 30 billion tons as well as cutting coal consumption by 15 billion tons. The industry has also dramatically reduced its use of energy. Producing one ton of steel today requires just 40% of the energy it did in 1960.

Because of their beauty and durability, tins are collected, refilled, or displayed in homes and businesses. Coffee cans can store ground coffee or beans or they can turn into planters, pencil holders, wine racks, etc.

Cans are 100% infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. They never have to end up in a landfill.


Classic, reliable, and enduring. Cans embody contemporary nostalgia; they were a staple in the American home for decades and have surged in popularity again. Brand recognition is another reason to consider coffee cans. A branded metal coffee can has a higher perceived value and stands out on a shelf full of bags. You often see vintage tins decorating restaurants, stores, and homes. Metal packaging is collectible and reusable, serving as a lasting advertisement for the product it once contained. Wrappers, bags, and boxes are typically thrown away or recycled.

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