Custom Printed Tins

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Custom Printed Tins

Independent Can custom prints and manufactures premium, specialty, metal packaging for branding and promotion. We have the largest
selection of market-tested shapes and sizes. With all processes under one roof, we control the quality and timing at every stage of the process. Learn more . . .


wholesale custom tin stock program

Independent Can has the largest and broadest, year-round stock program in the country. Learn more . . .

wholesale stock decorative tins

specialty seamless tins

Seamless tins are drawn and formed in one operation from tin-plated steel. Because they have no seam they are perfect for moist or fine products that may leak out of a side or bottom seam in other types of tin cans. Learn more . . .

seamless tins

hermetic food cans

Air-tight packaging and containers for food, nutritional supplements, emergency supplies, coffee, chemicals, welding electrodes, fluid containment and more.  Learn more . . .

air-tight hermetic food tins

tin can fittings and closures

We offer a broad array of fittings, necks, nozzles, spouts and closures including clinch and international straight neck closures, pour top nozzle and plug, pull out spout assembly and innerseals with wick holes and vents. Learn more . . .

stock tin fittings and closures

industrial cans

Our line of Industrial Cans include welding rod containers, lighter fluid cans, tobacco tins, military, wax, ezo hermetic and filter cans. These specialty cans are distinguished by unique closures, components, seals or coatings. There are special design, testing and quality assurance procedures to insure consistent production and product performance.

Learn more. . .

industrial and military grade tin cans

custom tin signs

Independent Can Company manufactures rectangular and round tin signs.  Custom Tin Signs are highly collectible and adorn many homes and restaurants. They add fun and interest to offices, bars and garages.

Learn more. . .

custom tin vintage and modern signs


Steel Packaging is the Most Sustainable Choice

Tins add value and shelf appeal. You can rely on our top quality custom printing and standout service. Because tins are collectable and part of the gift, they are rarely thrown away. The beauty and durability of the tin eliminates the need for secondary packaging, which is easier on the environment and your budget.  A tin container is 100% infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. Steel is recycled more than paper, plastic, glass and aluminum combined! We make the case in our video >>>

You can also visit our sustainability page to learn more…

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custom printed tins
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