Steel recycling is easier than 1 2 3…

In Baltimore County, Maryland, citizens just learned that all of the glass that they’d been rinsing off and placing dutifully in their recycling bins had not been recycled by the county for the past seven years. What did the county have to say about that?  Basically, they said that glass recycling presented some technical and financial limitations that prevented the recycling of glass in municipal facilities.

“There are numerous issues with glass recycling, including increased presence of shredded paper in recycling streams which contaminates materials and is difficult to separate from broken glass fragments, in addition to other limitations on providing quality material,” Naron said in a statement. (Sean Naron is the spokesperson for the County Executive, Johnny Olszewski.)

Paper fragments, probably from labels, contaminated the waste stream and were difficult to separate from the glass. It was also hard to find a market for glass recycling. Read the full article from the Baltimore Sun.

Many consumers are also confused by the numbers on plastic containers and mix recyclable items in with non-recyclable at curb side. This also increases handling and expense at the recycling facilities.

plastic recycling codes

Contrast that with steel recycling.  It separates from other waste by magnet (see video).  All impurities (ink, labels, glue, food waste, etc.) are burned off in the recycling process.  The steel can be used and recycled, over and over, without loss of quality. Learn more.