Who will remember your anniversary?

collectible tin cansLimited Editions Stay Around For Decades and Increase Sales

Conn’s Potato Chips and Sweet ‘n Low had the same idea. They celebrated their anniversaries with new collectible packaging that had a classic look from the past.  These were items that customers that “had to have”, especially those with brand loyalty and interest in nostalgia. The cans are probably displayed in their homes and re-purposed.  Perhaps they become the decorative storage containers for the original products.



Limited editions create a sense of urgency for the customer. Using the power of “scarcity” boosts sales. Scarce items seem more valuable and there is perceived demand. When it comes to choosing a gift for that brand lover, the “one of a kind” aspect makes it more special and puts pressure on the purchase. If you have a product or brand anniversary coming up, consider a limited edition tin.

Cans are the modern package of choice, not just because of collectiblity and permanent advertising but because of their superior recyclability.  Can’s don’t get thrown away and often increase in value.  This Mrs. Irie’s can sold for $32.00 on Ebay!