Is Your Brand In Shape?

Packaging Shapes Brand

A recent article in Brand Packaging Magazine highlighted the advantages of using shaped packaging.  Some shapes provide a larger principal display area for images and information.  They also allow for more product in the same amount of shelf space. The illustration below shows the gain when a square is used instead of a cylinder.

fancy shaped tins

Changing the shape of the packaging for a well-known brand, while keeping the easily recognized colors and logos, will get attention.  Customers respond to something new but they don’t want their favorite brand to change what’s inside.  Collectible packaging such as decorative tins attract that impulse buy for new and loyal customers. It can distinguish a brand in a crowded field of “ordinary” packaging.  

In the article below, Ithaca Cold-Crafted Hummus describes what motivated their change from round to square packaging.

“Even though we compete in a fairly crowded category, most grocery store hummus kind of tastes the same and looks the same, with all of the different round tubs and colored lids out there. We needed packaging that looked as unique and fresh as our hummus tastes,” says Christopher Kirby, founder and president of Ithaca Cold-Crafted.

Brand Packaging How Structural Packaging Shapes Brands

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