What’s New?

The economy continues to chug along at about a 2% annual growth rate, disappointing many, though general wages are growing at a more significant pace than we have seen in some time.  The pace of hiring has increased, and more people are reentering the work force after having sat on the sidelines for some time.

Our business reflects these same economic trends over recent times. We are now in the traditional wait and see period for 2016 as our customers have made presentations to their customers, and we are waiting on many purchase orders for this year. Our challenge is managing customer expectations for the season by right-sizing a forecast for the purchasing of steel, the staffing of multiple shifts  for multiple operations, and the appropriate investment in our can plant and lithography operations – without knowing if our forecast is very accurate. Given the diversity of the products that we supply, you will be hearing more often from your salesperson regarding our emphasis on accurate forecasting and ship dates as we recognize the challenges that you face in securing timely commitments from your customer base – and in turn, you recognize ours.

So what is new this Spring at Independent Can?



New 8-3/16” square stock tin reflecting our investment in new can making and end tooling, which makes for a stronger can with a variety of height capabilities.


square stock tin custom tins


Duplicate tooling for our popular 3-5/8” square tin which allows us to run two can lines simultaneously

square stock tin custom tins

New 4-3/4” round seamless can – the perfect size for many baked goods and confections


round seamless tin custom tins



Our new 2 color thermal printing line in Belcamp is continuing to run well. We have converted this print line to allow for both UV and thermal printing!

SQF level 2 qualification – we are on target for certification in Belcamp in early 2017

Manufacturing and Data Automation (including ERP)– we have completed our review of all of our processes and are on track for the selection of a new system mid-year. We will then be on the long road to full implementation and debugging over the next 12+ months. There are many ICC team members involved in this initiative, and we have identified those key players who will step up and handle some of their teammates’ responsibilities during this critical period. Real time data collection cannot be successful without dedicated people who know our business being fully involved on a day to day basis. This is a significant investment not only in dollars but in time, and is fully in accordance with Our Mission Statement:


“To Be the Best, Not the Biggest”



In order to better service you we have relocated our 15T (2 gallon tapered) and 25T (3-1/2 gallon tapered) cover production to Ft. Madison, Iowa, and our 10T (1-3/4 gallon tapered) can production to Belcamp, Maryland. Now all of your tapered snack can parts will be shipped from the same location where we make tapered cans.

15T, 25T, 50T      – FOB Ft. Madison, Iowa

10T – FOB Belcamp, Maryland

Check out our new expanded stock 10T collection!

stock decorative tins custom tins

An update on our new facility in Vandalia, Ohio

We are in our second year of canmaking in Vandalia, with a growing, experienced staff. Help us identify the next new exciting investment opportunity to locate in Vandalia where we current have 106,000 sq. ft. of building space, with capabilities to expand by nearly 100%!
stock decorative tins custom tins



Tolleson, Arizona

Our distribution arm (ICCDD) has successfully moved in to the new Tolleson, AZ location. Several employees have made the move from Ontario, CA to Tolleson and are doing well in their new environment.  Training programs are underway for our new employees.

stock decorative tins custom tins


Thank you for making all of this news possible. We are looking forward to another exciting year with many challenges to come. Having recently celebrated our 85th anniversary as a company, and looking forward to our 90th, do take advantage of our specialty promotional branded packaging and metal signs to generate new sales opportunities, and create a lasting image of your brand. Our products provide permanent advertising and brand recognition in the consumer’s home.


Neil DeFrancisco

Vice President of Sales