Introducing . . . 

holiday tins stock decorative tins custom tinsIndependent Can has added new designs in cookie and popcorn tins as well as extending some of our popular items into other sizes. Our Scarf Snowman by Sharla Fults is now available in 5s, 8s and cookie tin sizes.  Golden Swirls, a design that can be used any time of the year and for any occasion is now available in our pails and popcorn tin sizes. We also added new a new Beach, Valentine and Halloween design in the fall of last year to our popcorn tin offerings in our 2015 catalog.


We are doing something a little different this year.  We are making a mid-year introduction of new designs. Check back this spring!

holiday tins stock decorative tins custom tins

One of our new designs, Penguin Tree Trimming, contains the intricate detail of Kim Martin’s artwork. Kim hand paints each detail and uses vibrant colors. These are available in cookie tin as well as popcorn can sizes.

holiday tins stock decorative tins custom tins






Another design that we are very excited about is our Blanket of White. This soft design that reminds us of a walk through the woods after the snow has reflective red ornaments to match the body.  These are available in 1S and 2C at this time.






Our Rainbow Stripe tins are the perfect beginning to a personalized, bright, all-occasion gift package. With this contemporary color pallet, it can be used throughout the year. With a solid lid, you can add a label, a bow or have one of our silk-screen partners add your logo.

stock decorative tins custom tins