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Tins Made From Steel – The #1 Sustainable Package

A stock or custom tin can is the best choice you can make for sustainability. Decorative tins made from tin-plated steel are infinitely recyclable. Recycling a tin package uses fewer resources and energy than for other materials. Each tin can contains between 25 and 60% recycled steel.
The World Steel Association reports that the global steel can recycling rate has reached its highest record level of 68%. Steel Can Recycling Statistics

Custom tin containers for coffee, tea and other consumables extend shelf life and eliminate the need for plastic valves and liners which are less recyclable.
Decorative tins are not usually thrown away and are frequently recycled through reuse or kept as a collectible.


MD Green Registry

Independent Can was one of the first companies to be a part of Maryland’s registry of green companies.

Maryland Green Registry Web Site


Long before environmentalism was in vogue, we took initiatives and implemented programs to reduce waste, save energy, and eliminate pollutants.  Having an efficient, environmentally conscious operation contains costs for our customers and ensures a better world for future generations.

Paperless communications, reused and recycled pallets, cartons, packing materials and solvents are a small part of our in-house initiatives. We also employ energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling solutions.

Through aggressive voluntary efforts, we strive to take initiatives that will insure the continuation of our efficient operations while protecting the environment. Independent Can is putting together an Environmental Management System for all of our locations based on the model created for our new facility in Ft. Madison, IA.

In the design and construction of this new plant we have incorporated geothermal heating and cooling systems. The additional space will allow for the future expansion of the business and for the current operation to be more efficient.

Our Green Committee meets monthly to discuss progress and generate new programs based on employee and management input, research and suggestions. We participate with local organizations and attend environmental conferences held by our local government.

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