Steeltin High Quality Specialty and Single-Piece Cans

Steeltin Can is now an Independent Can Company!

It is a great pleasure to announce that October 3, 2016 we closed on the acquisition of the Steeltin manufacturing plant of Ball Corporation. This facility was dedicated to the production of specialty and decorative promotional tins. The Steeltin plant is a perfect match for Independent Can Company with its cultural similarities which will make the integration of capabilities and personnel much easier.  As I have said in the past, anyone can buy equipment but the real assets are skilled and motivated employees that have been cultivated and appreciated.

Steeltin wax cansIn addition to the broad range of metal packaging and decorative tin already in our product like, we have expanded to include the products made in our new Baltimore facility.  Our new product lines include hermetic food cans (wet and dry), wax cans, military cans and an expanded line of high quality seamless tins. Click on the links below and you will be directed to the Steeltin product pages.

For years, the Baltimore manufacturing facility has set the standard for high quality seamless tins. The wax tin containers are specifically designed for that industry.  Award-winning engineering went into a can specifically designed for Meguiar’s Car Care to house the application sponge in the lid of the container.

Ellisco, part of the Steeltin acquisition, has a long history of setting the standards for meeting military needs and specifications.

In addition to the caps and closures already manufactured by Independent Can, additional specialty fittings, necks and closures are now available from our new facility.

Ellisco military cans

Hermetic Cans

Seamless Tins

Wax Cans

Ellisco – Military Cans

Specialty Fittings, Necks and Closures

closures and fittings







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