Steeltin Seamless Tins

Steeltin Seamless Tins (Drawn from a single piece of steel!)

Consumers love them for special occasions especially because they offer a low, shallow profile, no sharp edges and seal in freshness. Steeltin seamless tins are the best quality in the industry and accommodate standard label sizes. Steeltin, now owned by Independent Can, manufactures its award-winning containers from a single piece of tin to form the body of the can with a slip-fit lid. These 100-percent recyclable tin plate steel containers can be lined with various coatings to achieve product compatibility. Beautifully lithographed or labeled for a custom presentation, our award-winning seamless tins and graphics will help your customers’ products stand out. All of our seamless tins are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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steeltin seamless tins



steeltin seamless candle tinsCandles invoke romance and celebrations, relaxation and ambiance. When candles are combined with Independent Can’s seamless tin containers, customers know they’re sturdy and reliable. The majority of our candle tins are available with a wick-locator to speed the candle manufacturing and filling process. These candle tins also feature raised feet, allowing air to circulate under the candle tin, and helping to prevent scorching of table surfaces. Candle tins are easy to transport and display, making them attractive to retail customers. Our candle tins can be decorated, won’t shatter like glass, and are available in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for travel candles, home décor and a range of other uses.


  • Sustainable – Our candle tins are 100% recyclable. This is a strong selling point for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Low impact – Candle tins are highly portable with a compact design, so they are easy to ship and incur lower freight costs compared to glass or heavy packaging.
  • Eye-catching – Candle tins are also easy to display and store, making them attractive for the retail consumer.
  • Multi-purpose – Our candle tins are extremely versatile. They easily fit in with any home decor and are ideal as travel candles. Personalized candles make great corporate promotional items, wedding favors and other giveaways.
  • Versatile – Our candle tins come in a variety of sizes making them perfect for travel or home decor. Travel candles can be grouped in packages for maximum profitability.
  • Customizable – Decorate your candle tin lid with a Label Stik® label or custom printing.
  • Made in USA – Our candle tins are manufactured in America at our facility in Baltimore, MD.


NameDiameterHeightCover Profiles AvailableCan Edge
1/4 oz (105 x 007)1-15/16″7/16″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
1/2 oz (109 x 007)1-9/16″7/16″Slip Cover – EmbossedHemmed
1 oz (113 x 010)1-13/16″5/8″Screw Cap – Flat Panel – CurledThreaded
1 oz (115 x 010)1-15/16″5/8″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledHemmed
2 oz (207 x 012)2-7/16″3/4″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledHemmed
3 oz (211 x 013)2-11/16″13/16″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
4 oz (302 x 100)3-1/8″1″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
8 oz (400 x 102)4″1-1/8″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledHemmed
1 oz (109 x 100)1-9/16″1″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
2 oz (201 x 106)2-1/16″1-3/8″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
4 oz (209 x 111)2-9/16″1-11/16″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
6 oz (213 x 111)2-13/16″1-11/16″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
8 oz (302 x 115)3-1/8″1-15/16″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
8 oz (302 x 115)3-1/8″1-15/15″Screw Cap – Flat Panel – CurledThreaded
16 oz (400 x 204)4″2-1/4″Slip Cover – Embossed – CurledCurled
Caviar (Gold)
1 oz (115 x 100)1-15/16″5/8″Slip Cover – Debossed – CurledHemmed
7 oz (400 x 013)4″13/16″Slip Cover – Flat Panel – CurledCurled
14 oz (400 x 111)4″1-11/16″Slip Cover – Flat Panel – CurledCurled
Columbia Style
3/4 oz (115 x 009)1-15/16″9/16″Slip Cover – Straight EdgeCurled
1 oz (202 x 010)2-1/8″5/8″Slip Cover – Straight EdgeCurled
2 oz (208 x 013)2-1/2″13/16″Slip Cover – Straight EdgeCurled

drawn seamless tins