Why Don’t We Have Pricing On Our Website?

voice mail stock decorative tins custom tinsThere is no “voice mail jail” at Independent Can. Time is precious and we all want information at our fingertips.  We are a relationship-based company and want to give you the best price based on your needs and volume. We hope to quickly direct you so that you don’t pass up your best choice.  We have so many options that fit customers of every size, we want the opportunity to recommend the best buying decision rather than have a number on a spreadsheet speak for us.  Please call us 410.272.0090. You’ll be happy that you did.

Even after tremendous growth and 87 years in business, we have not resorted to automated voice mail systems that waste your time during business hours. You will speak with someone who will immediately direct you to a product specialist who would be happy to assist you.  They can also email you a price list once they’ve listened to your needs. We train and cross train our personnel and you will never speak with an “order taker”.  We promise a prompt and thorough response!Custom Tin Product Specialist


BLACK HOLE stock decorative tins custom tinsNot another form! Most people hate forms because of the uncertainty of a prompt reply from a knowledgeable person.  You won’t experience the frustration of the “48 to 72 hour” response time from many other contact forms.  We review and assign email communications to a product specialist the same day it is received. If you don’t hear back from us, please call. There may be an web-related reason for the delay.  We take no communication for granted.  Our form security code is 2 letters and 2 numbers. We don’t have frustrating, indecipherable security codes on our forms.  Pricing Custom Tins | Stock Decorative Tins | Independent Can Co. 2

We give you two options.  If you have a general inquiry please use the our Contact Us Form.  For your custom project, we give you the option of providing a little more information so that we can get right to work determining the best packing solution and a price quotation.  Please use our Custom Tin Request Form.