Whey Protein Powders and Supplements Packaging

Hermetic Tin Packaging for Supplements and Whey Protein Powders

High quality ingredients go into most nutritional supplements and whey protein powders. Keeping them fresh and preserving their full nutritional benefit is key. Hermetic tin packaging keeps out air, moisture, contaminants and light, adding to the shelf life of the products.  Nothing says high quality better than a decorative tin package. They are 100% infinitely recyclable. Consumers who are health-conscious are also environmentally-conscious. Our tin packaging is FDA approved and food-safe.

Nutritional supplements have a delicate structure. In order to keep maximum potency and keep the powder from clumping, packaging needs to protect the product from moisture as well as air. Light and heat can also cause a product to break down. Packaging made from tin-plated steel is a great option. The container can be closed with a plastic over-cap when the original seal is broken. Although the container is no longer air tight, it provides an impact-resistant, protective barrier.

Our hermetic cans are available with a variety large_original_protein-vanilla__tin__1-1_2x-lossless-1of ends and closures. We offer peel off, easy open, valve ends and sanitary ends. Our product specialists would be happy to provide you with more information and direct you to a supplier of seamers that we have been recommending to customers for decades.

We have stock availability of plain tin cans that can be labeled. They are sold by the pallet. For more information on the sizes and the features that we offer, visit our hermetic tin page.