Custom Decorative Packaging

Can Extraordinary Packaging Sell Ordinary Products?

According to Packaging World Magazine, Pepsi credits the beauty of its packaging for the sales of one of its products, LIFEWTR, a purified water. The labels feature works of emerging artists on transparent labels that can be seen from the front and back of the bottle. The eye-catching packaging makes the “ordinary” product more attractive to customers. The brightly colored labels also offer some sustainability benefits from a label which uses recyclable adhesive that enables the label to separate from the bottle during the plastic recycling process. Read the full article.

Independent Can has many customers that use artwork and creativity to make their products stand out. They have created a fun and desirable collectible to attract new and current customers.  At the same time, the custom lithographed tins are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. Decorative tins require no external packaging or labels.  The inks and coatings incinerate in the recycling process.

Unreal Candy has placed the perfect mix of 20 of their best-selling peanut butter cups and milk chocolate candies in a brightly decorated, collectible tin! You may see them on the shelves at Target. Loyal candy-loving customers may purchase it for the tin while new customers will get to sample their “Supernatural” candy for the first time. 

Another example is consistently creative Jittery Joe’s Coffee.  They outdid themselves this time, incorporating partial reflectivity in the Widespread Panic design for their Up All Night coffee.  They finish off the package with a custom decorative metal snap cover, instead of a standard plastic lid, so that the container can be re-closed after the original air-tight seal is broken. This finishing touch makes the can a collectible for reuse or display.

Consider tin when you think of a promotional, decorative, package for your “ordinary” and “exceptional” products!